Why Do I Keep Finding Dead Possums?

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Possums are the largest pests that feed on many things. They are scavengers so they travel from far places if they find any dead animals nearby. They do not have great eyesight but they have good-smelling power. Possums can be as large as cats and can damage a lot of things in your garden and backyard. Possums usually don’t die in large numbers until and unless there is some serious problem. However, in a situation where you find dead possums in your house, you must arrange a hygienic dead possum removal for the safety of your family and the indoor environment. For detailed information on why you keep finding dead possums, and other meanings of it, read the blog till the end.

Here Is Why You Keep Finding Dead Possums:

Possums Can Play Dead- Most people often get confused by this trick used by the possums. Possums can play dead to protect themselves from predators. It has the capability to play dead for 4 hours. It can even confuse many people and its predators as well. So in case, you find any possum you have to first inspect if it is dead or not. 

Presence Of Predators- The presence of predator of possums in your locality can also be one of the reasons for more death of the possums near you. Some of the most common predators of possums are dogs, foxes, bobcats etc. So if you find any such predators, you might also find dead possums too.

Short lifespan – Possums only get to live up to 2 years and if there are many possums that have taken birth at the same time, they can die at the same time as well. This could be one of the main reasons why you keep finding dead possums.

Spiritual Meaning Behind Dead Possum-

There are many spiritual meanings people tell after a dead possum.

  • Possums are ancient creatures and used to live with the dinosaurs so it also teaches us things such as courage and moderation. 
  • Possums usually have a short lifespan of only 2 years. So seeing a dead possum can be a reminder of the transience of life. 
  • People even say that death symbolises the death of your old habits and the death of the old you. You see this sight because you might be entering a new phase in your life. Your better time is coming. 
  • Possums are very strong in fighting and making quick decisions to avoid the predator’s attack. This can also mean you need to be a good decision-maker in your life. 
  • Dead possums also teach about family relations as the mother possum holds the baby possum for a long time in their pouch. And even the possums are old enough that they ride on their mother’s back. Seeing a dead possum could mean the opposite to you as you might not have a good relationship with your parents.

Other than these there are many more spiritual meanings behind the death of a possum.

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