Things to Take Care of When You Clean Curtains

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Curtain cleaning is a simple household task most of us have been delaying for years. The process of taking them off, curtain cleaning and re-hanging them is a tedious task. Even some people end up buying new curtains as they fail to maintain the old ones. The curtain cleaning can be turned simple if you have the required tools and implement the right techniques. Believe it or not, curtains can be kept in tip-top condition without taking them down first.

Understand The Method of Removing It From Rods

Start by checking the condition of the curtains and their fabric. If you see any signs of sun rotting, do not put the curtains in the machine as you can damage them. Instead, invest in buying new ones from a good store. Curtain cleaning methods depend on the curtain material, have a closer look at the material. If you are unsure about the curtain cleaning procedure. It’s best to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The Process of Taking Off Curtains

Start by shaking the curtains. If your drapes are really dirty, open the windows before getting them down. It prevents you from inhaling dust and allergens. Remove the drapes from the window and lay them on a flat surface. Remove all the hooks, curtain weights, and wood poles, so the focus is on just cleaning the fabric. If the fabric is likely to shrink, then always let down the hem.

The Ultimate Washing Technique

Know what works best for your curtain cloth. If you have heavy material curtains, washing machines and hand washing aren’t the best ways. The washing machine will retain water while washing them by hand can be really laborious task. Wash heavy curtains by placing them in the bathtub along with liquid detergent and fabric softener to get rid of any dust and foul smell.

Delicate fabrics demand special attention before being put in the machine. Like for example putting cotton curtains in hot water can make them shrink. A delicate cycle or slow spin is the best option for these curtains. Always remove the drapes from the machine just after washing to prevent them from wrinkling.

Sheer and Wool fabric curtains should never be washed in the machine. Choose hand wash for these fabrics. Hand-washing curtains prevent shrinkage. You can use special soap made for washing delicate materials. Steam cleaning works great with heavy curtains that you don’t want to get down. Steam from top to bottom. Always wear gloves and aprons to ensure you do not get burned while steaming the curtains.

The Correct Method of Drying The Drapes:

Drying the drapes is important for getting rid of the allergens. Always air-dry the drapes. Air drying reduces the chances of shrinking and other damage. The simplest way is to hang the curtains back after washing and lay down some old towels underneath. The old towels will absorb the dripping water. The drapes will dry naturally with the help of sunlight and fresh air. Drying curtains naturally is advisable as it allows creases to fall off. Tumble-drying the curtains in the dryer can cause stubborn creases.

Final Finish

Ironing should be done when the curtains are damp. Iron on the wrong side and work lengthways, this helps the seams not to pucker.


You can follow these guidelines for your curtains and drapes. In case you find the steps too hard to be taken care of by you, it is advisable to hire professional service for the best results.

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