The Beginner’s Guide To Upholstery Cleaning

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So you have some really good upholstery items in your home and are concerned about keeping them well. The beginner’s guide to upholstery cleaning will surely help you out. Just to clarify, upholstery cleaning is vastly different from cleaning other pieces of furniture. The upholstery items include some leather and other fabric paddings in them and have very less wood or other material surface. They are only used as outer and supporting frames. Thus, you need to be more delicate when cleaning your upholstery items and furniture.

There is a very high risk of actually damaging the product while handling it or cleaning it. Moreover, any damage will look really bad on the sofa and you certainly do not want to. Therefore, identify the cloth of the upholstery item first and then process it with a cleaning method. Here are a few professional couch cleaning methods listed below. Please note that it is a very generalized cleaning method as it is the beginner’s guide to upholstery cleaning.

1. Vacuum Cleaning

This is the first and very basic cleaning technique. Nothing can go wrong with vacuum cleaning. You can clean off the dirt and dust on your upholstery item using a vacuum cleaner. This will take a very short amount of time and will help in having a satisfactory result. As a beginner, you must be looking forward to having as less hassle and complication as possible. This technique ensures that you can clean your upholstery furniture efficiently without going much into great details and techniques. 

There is also very little to no risk of damaging the furniture while cleaning it. This is one of the beginner’s guides to upholstery cleaning. You need to clean your upholstery items with a vacuum cleaner at least once every two to three weeks to ensure that it is clean and dust free. You may also have to vacuum your upholstery furniture more frequently if your home is near a construction site or a windy and dusty place. This was one of the best methods in the beginner’s guide to upholstery cleaning.

2. Steam Cleaning

Don’t get intimidated or freaked out by this professional term. It is surely a technique that the professional upholstery cleaning experts use but there is a simpler version of this too. You can try the simpler version. You just need to spray a little water on the surface of the upholstery item you are cleaning and then just iron it normally. You need to pay very close attention and must have sound knowledge and practice in ironing clothes. Make sure you do not hold the iron in the same place for a very long time. It may damage and burn the upholstery item. 

This will help you in resolving all the wrinkles and folds on the upholstery surface and will also make them look presentable and perfect. This was one of the basic methods in the beginner’s guide to upholstery items. Please note that you must check the quality and identify the material of your upholstery item before using it. You can follow this way as the beginner’s guide to upholstery cleaning.

3. Sanitize It Well

Your upholstery is exposed to the winds and thus dirt and dust settle on it. The dirt and dust can be removed with ease using a vacuum cleaner but it is really important to sanitize it. The dirt and dust carry bacteria and viruses with them which can make your pets or small children ill. You surely would like to avoid that. Thus, after the steam cleaning of your upholstery item, you must sanitize it well. There are a number of sanitiser sprays available in the market which can be used for this purpose. Spraying a lot of the sanitization sprays can actually damage the cloth of your upholstery item and leave a stain on it. Thus, you must use it appropriately. 

The sanitization must be done every 2 to 3 weeks, right after the vacuuming or steam cleaning of your upholstery item. There is actually no point in sanitizing the surface first and then vacuuming or steam cleaning, thus, follow the steps in the correct order. You can also use a deodorization spray after sanitizing it for a better smell. This was one of the beginner’s guides for upholstery cleaning items at home.

4. Use A Microfiber Cloth

You can also use a microfiber cloth while cleaning. Dry microfiber cloth acts best in dusting off all the dirt and dust from the surface. You can also use the microfiber cloth to clean the stains on upholstery items. All you need is to apply a bit of baking soda and vinegar specifically on the affected surface, leave it for a couple of hours and then clean it with the microfiber cloth. This is one of the methods from the beginner’s guide for upholstery cleaning at home. This microfiber cloth can also help you to clean the wooden or steel structure which is in the frame structure of your upholstery item. This will make it look new for a longer duration of time.

5. Other DIYs

There are several other ways to get your upholstery items cleaned properly. One of the ways to clean your upholstery items efficiently is to use simple Do It Yourself techniques. For cleaning upholstery made of fabric, you can use a mixture of water and a little vinegar, and one tablespoon of soap. Spray the solution in the affected area and scrub it off. The stains will wash off. For leather upholstery, you can mix half a cup of olive oil with one-fourth cup of vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Apply it on the affected area and the area will appear clean, nice, and tidy. There are a few more cleaning methods that can clean off the stains perfectly well, but they will need some assistance from a professional upholstery cleaner. This was one method from the beginner’s guide for upholstery cleaning at home.


Upholstery cleaning can be a bit tough, especially for a beginner. You can use the tips and tricks explained above. The beginner’s guide for upholstery cleaning at home can really help you to clean your upholstery furniture yourself.  If you still have doubts about upholstery cleaning, connect with professional upholstery cleaners near you!

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