Process To Remove Burn Marks From Your Carpet

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As we all have a busy schedules in our life and while working, we make lots of mistakes. We want to work perfectly without any errors but sometimes, we get problems accidentally. As if the cell phone is ringing while ironing your clothes and you try to reach and forget about your load of laundry, you may get an iron burn on anything else. And, carpet burns are one of these accidental issues in our home. Well, no need to worry we offer you step-by-step guidelines by which you will be able to repair your carpet burns. And, also you can save money from costly carpet repair services. Whether your carpet has natural or synthetic fibre. We have the best solution for carpet burn repairs.

Easy Steps For Removing The Burn Marks

Step 1: Inspection for Carpet Repairing

First, you need to inspect the level of burned carpet area thoroughly and decide how much damage to the carpet. If you get small carpet burn damage, you can easily repair your carpet. But, if it is big damage, we recommend you hire professionals for perfect carpet burn repairs.

Step 2: Trimming

In the second step, you need to trim the burned carpet area by using a natural scissor. You can also use a sharp razor blade for trimming. But, make sure that you have to cut only the affected or burned area of your carpet. An error trimming can damage your carpet and its appearance too.

Step 3: Use Hydrogen Peroxide

To wash the affected area after trimming, make a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide.

Step 4: Apply Your Mixture to Wash

Use a generous amount of mixture to wash the affected burn area of your carpet. It is also a necessary step for carpet repair. So that you can fade away and extend past the edges of the carpet-burned area. You can also apply a tiny brush to rub and make sure that you are working precisely.

Step 5: Leave to Dry up

After washing your carpet with hydrogen peroxide. Wait 20 or 30 minutes and let your carpet dry up. Vacuum the carpet to get the cleaned carpet so that you can patch up the burned carpet area like professionals who are experts in carpet repair.

Step 7: Cut the top Fibre from a Hidden Part of the Carpet

In this step, you will have to cut the small top part from an inconspicuous part of the carpet and make sure that you have cut the same size as the scorched carpet area. Remember to only cut the fibres at the top, not the base of the carpet by using a sharp razor or scissors. 

Step 8: Patch the Area

It is the final or last step to repair your carpet. Apply a small amount of rubber adhesive on the burned area and place the cut piece on top. For better adhesiveness, put a heavy thing on top and leave it for a few hours. You will get a comprehensive result by applying our steps.


You will be capable of achieving the greatest outcomes by using the most recent fixing approaches. This blog will help you to repair cigarette burns in carpet. Whereas professional can repair your carpet damages and any type of burned area of the carpet. Make sure to follow the steps carefully to achieve maximum outcome. 

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