Pro Tips To Keep Clean HVAC Air Ducts

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In many homes, one of the main causes of poor air quality is the poor upkeep of the HVAC air duct system. The duct gives signs when it needs cleaning. Poor airflow, visible mould, and allergic symptoms are the clear signs that all you need is air duct cleaning. It is necessary to keep its maintenance so that it works for a longer duration. Moreover, if your duct is not clean then you have to pay extra for electricity bills. That is why it is necessary to clean ducts so that you and your family get fresh air. By following some simple tips and tricks anyone can efficiently clear HVAC air ducts.

Things Required To Clean Your Air Ducts

  • Vacuum– Vaccum helps to remove dust, debris, and hairs from air ducts.
  • Brush– Stiff-bristle brush helps to clean dust from the corners of the air duct.
  • Screwdriver Or Hex Driver- You will need this to fix the air duct.
  • Paper Towels- You find this useful if you want to do dusting after the completion of duct cleaning.
  • Air Filter– In the end, you may need a filter. It is necessary to keep in mind you choose it wisely. The size of the new filter should be matched with the old one.

Pro Tips To Efficiently Keep Clean HVAC Air Ducts

  • Clean or Repair the Air Filters regularly- Dust and other particles are one of the main reasons for duct clogging or malfunctioning. Air filters trap dust and other particles before they can enter the HVAC system. HVAC duct repair or replacement time varies according to different factors. Check the air filter regularly and replace it when it starts to look dirty.
  • Clean The Coils And Fins- Be gentle while cleaning the fins and coils of the HVAC air ducts. The first thing you need to remember before cleaning is to switch off the power to the condenser. Fins are a very gentle part which is why it is necessary to handle them with the utmost care while cleaning. In case, it is already bent then use a fin comb to straighten them.
  • Clean Return Air Vents- Find any return vents around your business property and intermittently check to ensure that nothing is covering them and hindering wind flow. Normal obstructions to airflow incorporate furnishings and papers. You can unscrew and eliminate the covers and then, at that point, vacuum clean inside the air vents to assist with keeping the channels clear.

Benefits of HVAC Cleaning 

Complete cleaning of the HVAC system helps to work your system effectively. With high standards, HVAC air duct cleaning can have many benefits:

  • Cleaner offices and workplace environment.
  • The rate of work productivity increases due to fewer illnesses.
  • Business owners and staff get cleaner & healthier indoor air.
  • Due to improved heating or cooling efficiency, one can save energy.
  • Improved duct inspection rating.
  • Cleaner air with an improved environment.

How Long Does it Take to Clean An HVAC System?

Well! It depends on the size and scope of your home or business facility. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. A small home or office can be cleaned in less than 3-4 hours. There are several factors, however, that affect the time and cost estimation of HVAC air ducts, such as.

  • Type Of Ductwork.
  • System Size
  • System Accessibility
  • Level Of Contamination
  • Number Of Technicians

However, you have several options in a one-stop solution for heating duct cleaning and other HVAC air duct cleaning. Yes, we are talking about hiring professionals when you think that duct cleaning is complex work.

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