Newest Techniques To Keep Your Carpet In Good Condition For A Long Time

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Want to know how you can make your carpet’s life longer? Then, here are some latest tips and tricks to maintain your carpet for a long time. Trust these words as these are from carpet cleaning experts. It’s not that hard.

  1. Vacuum often, vacuum right: If you want to make your carpet’s life longer, then, no doubt the first step you need to take is to clean or vacuum your carpet regularly. You should at least vacuum your carpet once or twice a month. You can use a crevice to get the dust out of the room. Do remember when you vacuum the area, do it horizontally and again vertically. The more time you do it in an area, the more clean the area will be. At the same time, you need to check whether the vacuum bag is full or not. If it is full then it will not work properly, so, make sure of it. Vacuum the area slowly or thoroughly, so that it picks up all the dirt out there on the floor. 
  1. Rearrange the position of your furniture: If you want to make your carpet’s life longer. Then, you should often change the position of your furniture. What happens to your carpet when you leave your furniture on one side of the carpet for too long? That part of the carpet starts fading out due to heavy load or weight for a long time. To maintain your carpet, you should often change your furniture’s position which will increase your carpet’s life long and it will not fade.
  1. Inculcate a “Shoe Free Zone” Policy for your home: Shoes are very much a kind of enemy for your carpet. How? Let me tell you, shoes carry lots of dust or soil from outside. Your shoes may be clean or shiny. But, still, it’s carrying too much dust which is quite harmful to your carpet. It not only can make your carpet look dirty but also can tear your carpet. So, make sure you make a “Shoe Free Zone” policy for your home which will help you to maintain the carpet and keep your carpet healthier.
  1. Clean Stains Instantly: For maintaining your carpet, you need to be very careful about stains. Stains can make your beautiful carpet look dull. So, whenever you see that something has spilled up on your carpet, then, take a sudden action to clean it. If you don’t take sudden action on it, then it will leave a stain on your carpet. In the meantime, when you’re cleaning the spill that has occurred up on your carpet, you need to be very gentle with your carpet. You can’t rub your carpet, it can harm your carpet. So, take care when any kind of spill occurs on your carpet.
  1. Use Stain Resistant Products: There are many carpet protectants available in the market, which will help you to maintain your carpet. What do carpet protectants do? Carpet Protectants help you to maintain your carpet by preventing dirt and liquid spills from being absorbed by the carpet deeply. You can also save your carpet from fading with the use of stain-resistant products.
  1. Use Mats In High Traffic Areas: Like roads have high traffic areas, our house also has. We all know that some of the places in our homes are highly used or trafficked like doors, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. So, in these places, try to use or put mats. As we use these areas a lot, the carpet on these areas fades sooner. For avoiding or maintaining your carpet, you should always use mats in these areas.
  1. Minimize direct exposure to sunlight: Direct sunlight fades the carpet very quickly. Even too much heat or ultraviolet rays can harm your carpet fibers. To keep your carpet safe or maintain it, you can install blinds that are thick and can block sunlight. You can check our blog Do You Require Expert Carpet Cleaning in Perth.
  1. Indoor Air Quality Play A Major Role: The environment can also affect your carpet, in many ways. With area conditions, the life of the carpet also gets affected. Carpets get healthier in cold areas, so, even if you are not in a cold area you can install ventilators or can open windows daily to maintain your carpet.
  1. Avoid Eating In A Carpeted Room: Spills don’t need to occur from liquids only but also it can occur while eating. Like, you are eating pizza on your couch in a carpeted room and suddenly a piece of pizza falls on your carpet. So, it’s going to leave a stain upon your carpet which will make your carpet look dull and for sure you will not like it. So, avoid eating in a carpeted room for new carpet cleaning. Hire to Tru Blue Carpet Cleaning Perth for best carpet cleaning.
  1. Leave It To The Professionals: The last thing you can do to maintain your carpet is you can have your carpet cleaned by carpet cleaning professionals. Usually, you should do it once every 6 months. The carpet cleaning professionals use various types of equipment to clean your carpet without harming it. They make sure that the life of your carpet is prolonged. You can read our blog on Pet Owners Need Extra Attention: Carpet Cleaning And Care Tips.

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