How To Remove Stains From A Couch: 7 Tips And Tricks For Removing Tough Stains

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The couch is one of the focal points of your living space. Thus removing stains from the couch is the crucial step. Further, the longer the couch stain sits, the deeper it affects the couch fabric. Moreover, the deeper the stain goes, the more difficult it is to remove it from the couch. Therefore, if you want to pre-stain the glory of the couch, you need to follow these DIY methods or get some Couch Cleaning Adelaide experts. Remember whenever the stain is wet, make it possible for you to dab the liquid from the couch as much as possible. If there is a solid stain gently vacuum it with the attachment from the couch. Hence in this blog, we will be studying How to remove stains from a couch: 7 Tips and Tricks for removing tough stains. 

7 Easy Tips To Remove The Tough Stain From The Couch

With this, you will be learning how you can remove stains from the couch with the pantry products. Yes, there are plenty of solutions in the market for removing stains from the couch. But with the following tips and tricks you can remove the stain from the couch effectively.

  1. Dish soap plus water: If your couch has W or Ws label, then dish soap plus water solution is the best to tackle the tough stain. Thus dish soap is an excellent solution for removing food and mud stains. The dish soap and water solution is good enough for breaking up the stains on the couch. For this, mix a few drops of dish soap water with cold water. However, we suggest you avoid coloured dish soap for delicate fabrics. Apply on the stain by blotting it up with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Baking Soda: For grease stain removal, you need more strong solutions to absorb it from the couch. Thus if you spill some food, sauce, fries or butter on the couch, use baking soda for removing it. Simply sprinkle the baking soda on the affected area. Now let the baking soda set for 20 minutes to absorb as much stain as it can. Later vacuum the soda and repeat the process if necessary. 
  3. Vinegar & Dish Soap: Vinegar acts as the hero in removing many types of stains from the couch. Thus vinegar is best to get rid of the couch stain which needs a water-based cleaning solution. Hence, vinegar is the solution that best works for coffee, juice, gum, tea and red wine. Combine the solution of vinegar with warm water. Make sure you dab the solution so that it won’t spread over across the entire couch. You can finish this with a dry cloth for absorbing the vinegar plus water solution. 
  4. Ice, cold water: If your couch is near the candle, then it would end with a naggy candle wax stain. Moreover, it will leave a greasy and dark stain on the couch. To remove wax from the couch, re-melt a candle again until it moves it. However, if the wax is slowly melting then wrap the ice with a towel and dab it on the stain to harden it. You can even scrape the wax with the knife if it is hard. 
  5. Steam: If your office or house couch can handle water, then steam cleaning is an excellent option. In steam cleaning you just have to use hot water and solution which act as best in breaking up the stains from the couch. Nevertheless, steam cleaning is the best option than blotting stains by hand. We suggest you follow the instructions on the steam cleaner. So that your couch gets a refreshed look, after eliminating stains. 
  6. Vodka: Vodka helps in breaking down the stain from the couch. Moreover, vodka is also beneficial for removing the bad odour. Also, it works best for removing red wine, pet urine and juice stains. Apart from this vodka can even refresh your couch from the musty stain smell. However, make sure you only use a plain soda for eliminating the stain. Let it sit on the stain for several seconds and dampen it with a clean cloth. 
  7. Olive Oil And Vinegar: Olive oil is a great combination and helps in eliminating the greasy stain from leather couches. Olive oil with vinegar acts as an effective solvent for removing stains from the couch without damaging its colour. Combine one drop of vinegar with olive oil. And then spray the mixture on the affected area. Lastly, brush it with a damp cloth.


Hoping your query “How to remove stains from a couch” is clear with the above-mentioned 7 Tips and Tricks for removing tough stains. So, as you observe stains on the couch, worry not and immediately follow the above tips. Still, if you face any issues, we suggest you to call for a professional stain removal service. If you want know more about how to clean upholstery first time read more here “The Beginner’s Guide To Upholstery Cleaning“.

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