How To Keep Bees Away From Your Home With A Pest Control Brisbane Professional?

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The buzzing sound of bees can be pretty distracting when you relax on the lawn. This buzz is fearful and forces you to run and avoid the sting. However, it would be best not to kill them yourself as they can be offensive sometimes. So, what can you do: run from the situation or face them? To get more info about Bees, call pest control Brisbane professionals. Well, we have suggested ways to keep them away, let us look at these.

To Keep Bees Away From Home, Take These Measures:

Here are some ways you can freely enjoy your time on the lawn without worrying about the bees:

Avoid Fragrances:

As we all know, bees are responsible for pollination. So, if they find something similar to flower fragrances, bees come to your place. The fragrances include body spray, perfume, and heavily scented sunscreen. To keep bees away, avoid such fragrances. However, also note that certain scents deter them away. Therefore, you can use bee-repelling fragrances like olive oil, lavender oil, lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus. You can add these scents to the patio, adjacent areas, etc.

Keep Food And Drink Covered:

In particular, beverages like soda and sweet dishes are a favourite food and drink of bees. Therefore, plastic wrap and aluminium foil can use for securing food. Also, you should avoid throwing leftovers occasionally; use a trash collector.

Make Area Less Appealing To Bees:

You can choose to wear a dark colour instead of a bright colour outfit. For example, suppose you wear a yellow colour. In that case, the bee may think it is similar to a sunflower, and the chances of a bee sting increase.

Clean And Alter Landscaping:

Modify the surrounding area and try to keep it clean. For example, you can add lemongrass plants to repel the bees. Additionally, you can clean the food scraps and keep trash away so that bees don’t choose your garden for their home.

Look For Nests And Call Professionals:

Actively look for the nests where bees make their home. The common places are the upper hanging spot of the building, under decks, fences, tree branches, etc. If you find beehives, please don’t attempt to remove them because it is risky. Instead, call the professionals to remove it safely.


The above steps will help prevent bees from coming to your home and reduce the chances of attacks. However, calling a professional is the best approach to get rid of the bee problem. Undoubtedly, professionals have the knowledge to identify the nests, access the situation, and safely remove them.

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