How To Finish Steam Cleaning Carpet For Fleas?

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How To Finish Steam Cleaning For Flea Removal From Carpets

Fleas may be a bother, especially if they infest your carpets and furniture. If you see any sign of flea infestation, remove them as soon as possible because these small bugs can cause discomfort to you. Also, they may be harmful to you and your pets’ health. While steam cleaning is an excellent way for removing fleas from carpets. It is essential to take the appropriate precautions for steam cleaning carpets for flea removal. We will discuss with you the process of carpet steam cleaning for successfully removing fleas from your carpets in this blog.

Follow These Steps For Flea Removal From Carpets

Step 1: Preparing for Steam Cleaning

It is important to prepare the space and gather the appropriate tools and equipment before starting the steam carpet cleaning process:

Clear the Area: Remove any furniture, toys, or other objects from the carpet area to enable uninterrupted steam cleaning. Make sure to remove any possible material from the carpet surface so that you prepare for steam cleaning the carpet for flea removal. 

Thoroughly vacuum: Use a strong carpet vacuum cleaner to remove loose material from the carpet, such as dirt, pet hair, and flea eggs. Fleas frequently hide in corners, cracks, and places along baseboards, so pay special attention to these areas.

Treat Pets and Bedding: To avoid reinfestation of flea infestation, treat your dogs and clean bedding with veterinarian-approved flea medications before steam washing. To get rid of any fleas or eggs that may be present, wash or change the bedding.

Step 2: Steam Cleaning Carpet For Fleas

Once the area has been prepped, follow these procedures for successfulflea elimination with steam cleaning:

Choose the Proper Steam Cleaner: Make sure you have a steam cleaner that is particularly built for carpet cleaning. For best performance, set the steam cleaner on high-temperature steam and use a strong carpet vacuuming treatment.

Pre-treat Flea-Infested Areas: Prior to steam cleaning, try using a pet-safe flea spray or powder on flea-infested areas. This can help you to kill the fleas and their eggs, making the steam cleaning process more successful.

Steam Clean the Carpets: Start by steam cleaning the carpets in a proper way, going in straight lines to cover the whole area. Make sure that you pay special attention to places where pets spend most of their time. This is because fleas like to congregate in these locations. Whilesteam cleaning the carpet for flea removal, follow the manufacturer’s directions. This will ensure that the steam cleaner works properly.

Allow Enough Steam Exposure Time: To efficiently kill fleas and their eggs, allow the steam to permeate the carpet fibres for an adequate length of time. Move the carpet steam cleaner slowly over each portion. And, make sure to give enough time for the fleas and larvae to be heated and killed.

Overlap the Steam Passes: To ensure the complete carpet steam cleaning for eliminating fleas, overlap each steam pass by a few inches. This will help in covering the whole area of the carpet and locating any concealed flea infestations.

Empty and Clean the Vacuum Tank: Check the vacuum tank on a regular basis and empty it as needed throughout the steam cleaning procedure. Cleaning the tank will keep the fleas and eggs from surviving and reinfesting the carpets.

Step 3: Post-Steam Cleaning Measures

Follow these post-steam cleaning steps to ensure thorough flea elimination and avoid reinfestation:

Seal and dispose of the waste: To prevent fleas from reentering your living space, seal and dispose of the vacuum bag or dump the tank directly into an outside rubbish container.

Clean everything near the carpet: Try to clean everything that is near the carpet like drapes, pillow covers, and pet bedding. You can use hot water to remove any leftover fleas or eggs from things near the carpet. Also, make sure that you do complete drying. You can use a high heat setting in the dryer to complete the procedure.

Vacuum on a regular basis: After steam cleaning, vacuum your carpets at least once a week to eliminate any lingering fleas or eggs that may hatch later.

Monitor and repeat as needed: Keep an eye out for fleas on your dogs and in carpet areas. Repeat the steam cleaning method after a few weeks if necessary to handle any possible flea re-infestation.


Steam cleaning is an excellent and great way when you need to remove the flea infestation from your lovely carpet. Also, this technique is a safer and eco-friendly carpet cleaning alternative method to chemical treatments. By following the above methods, you can assure carpet flea removal and leave a pest-free environment for both you and your dogs. For more advantageous results, you need to get expert carpet steam cleaning services.  

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