How to Clean Your Carpet of Slime

Clean Your Carpet of Slime

Slime is the thing that is most adored by kids in all countries and states. Over the past few years, slime has gained great popularity among kids. Kids of all age groups enjoy the process of making this gooey substance and playing around with it. Slime can be used for good such as a science project or so. However, this slime has become a headache for all the parents. This is because children do not just play with the slime but in the process, they put the slime all over the expensive furniture, couches, and carpets. The worst-case scenario is when this gooey stuff slips from your kid’s hand and lands straight on your carpet and gets stuck to it. 

But, don’t you worry, we have got your back. We offer to you some of the best tips suggested by our certified carpet cleaning professionals for slime stain removal from your carpets. What you will see is that the initial steps are almost always the same. However, you need to understand each step properly and the key is doing it right. Otherwise, you can ruin the whole carpet and cause even more damage. You can check our blog 7 Right Tips for Carpet Cleaning AT Home.

Clean Your Carpet of Slime

Steps For Carpet Slime Stain Removal Out Of Your Carpet:

  1. Ice cubes for slime removal- This method of carpet slime stain removal works the best if the stain is still fresh. All you need to do is get some ice cubes from your freezer. Apply direct ice cubes or ice packs onto the slime stains for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This will freeze the slime completely and make it hard. Now, you can easily scrape the slime out of the carpet with any blunt tool. Later on, vacuum up the carpet to fluff it up. This will remove any excess moisture and colour residue.
  2. Club soda to the rescue- First of all you need to do is remove as much slime as you can using a blunt knife or any blunt tool. Try to scrape off the slime from the fibres of the carpet but do not put a lot of pressure on it. Now, vacuum up whatever loose particles you see on the carpet. This is to spray club soda to the slime stain. Wait for 5 minutes and blot the stain with a clot. Blotting will help to get rid of the excess club soda from the carpet. 
  3. Goo Gone carpet slime stain remover- Goo Gone is a very famous carpet slime stain remover. Goo gone is not only used for slime but it can also be used for adhesive removal, paint removal, sticker removal, grease removal, and so on. Here we can use it to remove slime as it contains an oil that dissolves fat-soluble substances. Alkaline baking soda is present in goo gone that helps to break down the adhesive of the slime and remove it effectively.
  4. Vinegar along with baking soda- Carpet slime satin removal can be easy if you look around your house. Your house contains so many items that can help you in removing the carpet slime stains. Make a 2:1 part of vinegar and water solution, sprinkle some baking soda onto the slime stain, and then apply this solution to it. Now, wait for some time and scrub the stain off using a scrubbing brush. Once done, you can wipe off the baking soda and the remaining slime particles using a napkin. Then, dab some warm water on the slime satin and let it dry completely so that you could vacuum it later.
  5. Just water and vinegar for carpet slime stain removal- All you need to do is grab some water and vinegar from your kitchen and you are ready for the Carpet Cleaning Perth. Just mix two parts of vinegar with one part of warm water to create a solution. Spray this solution on the slime stain and use a soft brush to scrub off the slime particles that come off loose. Next, use a dry towel to clean off the remaining solution. Once it gets dry completely then vacuum the carpet to fluff it up. 
  6. Carpet slime stain removal using dish soap- Dish soap can also be used for carpet slime stain removal. Mix two spoonfuls of dish soap with two cups of warm water and make a solution of it. Spray this solution on the slime stain directly and wait for about 2 to 4 minutes. After 4 minutes of waiting, spray the solution again and dab the extra slime particles using a sponge or a cloth. After the stain disappears, dab the whole part with warm water and a cloth and let it dry. You can check our blog on What Are not Ignorable Health Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning?