How to Clean Kitchen Carpets?

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While we are not a huge fan of carpet flooring in a kitchen ourselves, we understand the need for carpeted kitchen in some households for one reason or another. Kitchen carpets are one of the most difficult to maintain areas of carpeting due to large amount of spills and foot traffic. Let us learn some useful tips and tricks to get rid of the grime which is bound to fall on your kitchen carpets.

How to Keep Kitchen Carpets Clean

Every nook and corner of your carpet fabric acts as a perfect trap for the dirt and soil particles which lands on it. Combine that with the additional kitchen spills which fall on any kitchen surface and you get the recipe for a very stinky and grimy carpet floor in the making. Perhaps your kitchen carpets have not reached that point of despicable grossness yet. But they continue to develop on a microscopic level within the fibres of carpeting. You cannot afford to wait for your kitchen carpet to look absolutely filthy before thinking about cleaning it. Regular carpet cleaning and vacuuming is essential to ensure a long life for your kitchen carpet.

Have The Right Tools

When it comes to cleaning a kitchen carpet without any professional help, you need to have all the required tools in hand. Good quality and powerful vacuum cleaner is a must own equipment for any carpet owner. Buy a vacuum cleaner with proper filtration system and strong suction power. After all, you don’t want any debris you suck up to fall back on the carpet.
In addition to that, in case you feel like going the extra mile, buying a wet/dry vacuum cleaner will also provide great assistance in cleaning up spills from your kitchen floor. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner sucks up all the moisture without harming the soft fibres of your carpet.

Regular Vacuuming

All kitchen floors are more or less the same. Bread crumbs and food spills. So if you find such debris hit your floor too, we strongly recommend vacuuming the entire carpeting at the end of every day. Of course, you need to use your common sense in doing this. For instance, you don’t have to vacuum daily if you are not home for a major part of the day, but if the kitchen is used for making full three meals every day, it’s a good idea to make vacuuming a part of your daily routine.

Be Ready for Spills and Stains

You truly live in your own fantasy world if you think you won’t spill anything on your kitchen carpet. Be prepared for this likely, though unwanted, occurrence by having a bucket of clean water ready under your kitchen sink. You must have heard the old saying that prevention is better than cure. That goes for carpeting too. The more you allow a stain to sit the harder it becomes to get rid of it. So the key here is swift action. Keep a small bucket of clear water, clean rag cloths, and carpet stain removal solution in your kitchen. Now you will be ready to act as soon as a spill occurs on your kitchen carpet.

Mitigate The Damage

There are many things you can do besides having a bucket and a clean rag ready to keep your kitchen carpet clean. For instance, you can prepare your own carpet cleaning solution specifically suited to your carpet fabric. You can place floor mats to reduce the amount of dirt and soil particles which get inside your kitchen. They can also be placed at areas where risk of spill is higher, like kitchen sink and stove top.

Spills occur while eating too. Children and guests spill food and wine. So it’s a good idea to keep an area rug under your dining table. The carpet in your dining room is also bound to experience wear and tear with time due to constant pressure from furniture. You can increase its lifespan by using plastic or rubber mats to prevent indentations.

Dealing with Grease Stains

Owning and maintaining a kitchen carpet requires one to know how to deal with grease stains as well. Getting rid of a grease stain is not that difficult. All you need is a proper cleaning solution and some Professional Carpet Cleaning help. But if you feel like taking things into your own hands, you can try the following DIY treatment.

Spritz a small quantity of any shaving cream on the affected area. Now let the cream sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Then take a clean piece of cloth and wipe up the shaving cream from carpet. Keep repeating the process until grease stain is completely removed.

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