How Much Does It Cost To Clean Your Couches In Sydney?

Couches are very useful for resting or sitting with your family and friends. They also help in giving a great look to your house. Couches are very comfortable for you and your family members as well. Uncleaned couches and sofas can cause a lot of problems for everyone in your family. It can lead to the formation of bacteria and dirt that can cause diseases and infections. A dirty couch is not only harmful to humans but it can also create problems for the house environment too. Respiratory disorders are very commonly caused due to dirt and stains. 

To clean your couch perfectly, sometimes it is important to hire professional cleaners. The prices of couch cleaning might differ based on many factors. For detailed information on how much it costs to clean your couches in Sydney, we are here with full information. Be with us till the end to know everything. 

Factors On Which The Couch Cleaning Price Differs- 

There are various reasons why the prices for couch cleaning may differ, but some of the main reasons are location, the cleaning method, the number of pieces and the type of material. The average couch cleaning price in Sydney is around $120 per couch. 

  1. Location- The location where you stay plays a major role in the pricing of couch cleaning. If you stay far away from the city you might be charged more than the normal prices. Some companies may charge you for the transportation and others might not. This is one of the main reasons for the difference in couch cleaning prices. It can differ from $12 to $250 for couch cleaning and might charge extra if the location is far from the city depending upon the kilometres and the company. 
  2. Number Of Pieces- This is also a reason for the pricing of couch cleaning. Couch cleaning starts from $120 per piece. As the number of couches increases, the price of cleaning the couches will also increase. Some companies also offer bundle cleaning services. 
  3. Type Of Cleaning- There are many types of cleaning methods and all of them have different prices. Some of the most common types of cleaning services used by professionals are couch steam cleaning and dry cleaning services. Deep cleaning is also one of the ways by which the couches are cleaned professionally. 
  • Couch Steam Cleaning- Couch steam cleaning is a professional couch cleaning method that is useful in removing all kinds of stains from the couches. In this process, firstly the couches are properly vacuumed and then high-pressure steam is used to remove the stains from the couch. Later the couch is air-dried. Couch steam cleaning generally costs around $35 per seat. 
  • Dry Cleaning- Dry cleaning is another great method to remove stains from the couches. Dry cleaning is done by sprinkling dry cleaning powder on the couch and the stains and then it is removed using a vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning costs around $199 for a 3 seater couch.


Even if you are getting Professional Upholstery Cleaners yearly to get rid of all kinds of stains from the couches, you can maintain your couches perfectly. They know the best ways to remove stains and dirt from the couches. There are many companies that provide all kinds of upholstery cleaning services in Sydney.