Handy And Hassle Free Guide To Easy Mattress Cleaning At Home

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Mattress is the one thing at night providing comfort, support and the best sleep. But these are also favourable for some unwanted guests such as bacteria, dirt and dust mites. You never wanted to sleep with them. Therefore, it becomes essential to keep your mattress clean and tidy for your safe hygiene. It also saves your investment if you practice  mattress cleaning at home. It helps to increase the life of your mattress. Additionally, it saves time for calling experts for small stains. Therefore, learning mattress cleaning at home  is not an option instead a necessity. Although, it is recommended to contact a same-day mattress cleaning services for a larger stain. But small stains can easily be removed by effective cleaning methods. Here’s the guide to solutions to all mattress cleaning methods.

Simple and Easy DIY Mattress Cleaning At Home Tips

Here are the 7 ways for an effective mattress cleaning at home. These should be taken into consideration by everyone:

  •  Vacuuming Regularly– The basic step to start cleaning is with the vacuum cleaner. It is the easiest and quickest method for cleaning mattresses. Gently vacuum all over the mattress. This will make your mattress look clean. For deep cleaning, you could cover up the vacuum area with an upholstery attachment so that you could not damage the fabric and therefore the mattress.
  •  Immediate Treatment for Stains– To protect your mattress from damage, you must clean the stain in the least possible time. Cleaning them immediately reduces the risk of stains setting up deep and cleaning becomes easier. For immediate treatment, you could apply a dry cloth on the stain to stop from spreading. Never use hot water for soaking as it would help the stain to set. Moreover, never let a liquid stay on the mattress for a long period of time.
  •  Adapting Smart Mattress Habits– The most effective way to keep your mattress safe without any efforts is to practise smart and good mattress habits. You must take care of your mattress on your own. You must avoid bringing any kind of liquid and eatables on to your mattress. You must take shower to remove odors and germs before sleeping. Make sure to not touch the mattress with dirty hands and feet. Wash bed sheets regularly.
  • DIY Cleaning Method– You can use DIY cleaning methods for an effective cleaning on your own. Making use of a mixture of baking soda and warm water over small stains is one of the most effective ways. Spread this mixture over the stain and rub it and wipe it with a damped cloth. Additionally, vinegar can also be used for deep cleaning. Dealing with the odour, you can sprinkle lavender fragrance all over the matter and let it reach the bottom. This will remove odour and make the mattress smell fresh.
  •  Cleaning the Bed Frame Too– Most of the time while cleaning the mattresses, bed frames are overlooked and dirt remains there only ready to damage the mattress again. Dust particles stay in the gaps. If that happens, there would be no point in cleaning the mattress. Therefore, they should not be ignored and should be cleaned regularly with the mattress.
  •  Drying is essential– Never use your mattresses while they are wet. That could be dangerous to your mattress. Dry it out properly in the sunlight after cleaning is being done. This helps kill bacteria and disinfect it. Moisture trapped while the mattress is wet is the invitation to various bacteria and dust mites. It is recommended to air dry your mattress once every three months.
  •  Cleaning Memory Foam Mattress– Memory foam mattress requires special care. Although overall cleaning techniques are the same. They are slightly delicate. You can perform all basic cleaning methods such as vacuuming, using soda wiping. The thing is to not use harsh chemicals on the memory foam mattress. They could cause severe damage. Also memory foam takes more time to dry out and so they can be dried quickly with a drier. You could clean up the stain using a mixture of vinegar and water.

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