Are Mosquitoes Preying On You?

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Mosquitoes are the most annoying creature in this world. They are widely populated on the whole earth and affect almost every person on this planet. Their itchy sting and annoying bloodsucking habit make them, the most hated insects on this planet. It’s believed that mosquitoes have made it through the “Mesozoic Era”. And now, they’re still here and preying on us. As per WHO, some mosquitoes breed are deadly and claim a huge number of deaths every year. But there are simple ways to stop mosquito infestation and also give no chance for mosquitoes to pry on your privacy.

Protect Yourself With These Precautions Against Mosquitoes

  • Use Sprays Around Your Place

Mosquito sprays can be used at any part of your property, both indoors and outdoors to stop mosquitoes from prying. While using sprays, it is important to first read the instructions mentioned on spraying for mosquito products to later use them. Make sure to follow the step-wise process of using a spray around your property. Some such spraying methods are mentioned in detail as follows: 

  • Knockdown mosquito spray- For invisible mosquitoes
  • Plug-in diffusers or vaporizers- For enclosed areas such as decks, garages, attics, etc
  • Supervising mosquito coils- For outdoor areas such as shaded dense trees, shrubs, plants, fishponds, etc.  
  • Check To Maintain Rainwater Tanks

Mosquitoes are a fan of stagnant water and they keep lurking around rainwater tanks as it is their favourite place to breed. In fact, rainwater tanks are one of the most common places where diseases spread to humans and their pets. So, make sure water tanks are always sealed tightly and keep checking to seal gaps in inlet pipes, covers and lids. For more mosquito prevention, you can fit a removal mesh-like screen to inlet pipes and outlet pipes. Moreover, if you have water-collecting vessels, secure them with screens or lids and remove them only when you are using vessels. 

  • Take Care Of Your Garden 

Grasses are humid and mosquitoes love hanging there, by trimming grasses you’re taking away their hanging place. Also, do not store water anywhere. Mosquitoes lay eggs there, their larvae evolve and come out as a mosquito. So, don’t do that, you can do one thing to trick mosquitoes. Pour some water into a utensil and add dishwashing soap to it, the mosquitoes will think it’s a nice time to lay eggs and swim into it and thereafter end up being trapped dead in the soap bubble.

  • Use A Swatter

Swatter is the most interesting way to kill mosquitoes. It kills the mosquito and makes a nice popping sound with a flash. For some people, it’s a satisfying thing, which is rather fun. So, keeping a swatter is really worth it, if you haven’t tried it. Do try it. These mosquito swatters come in the form of bats, making it easier for your use and killing mosquitoes in a single swoop. All you have to do is to waver the bat and kill mosquitoes.  

  • Use Mosquito Repellent 

Keep mosquito repellent in your house. Wherever you go outside the house during mosquito season, apply a commercial mosquito lotion (make sure it’s skin safe) and wear full clothes. That way mosquitoes won’t bite you. One such effective mosquito repellent is a product of picaridin and you can apply it directly on your skin. 

  • Make Your Property Mosquito-Proof

Mosquitoes always come from outside, they live in green and humid places. Which can be only available outside. However, if you have a plant inside the house you should use some chemicals over the place to kill them. To stop them from entering your house, you can make your home mosquito-proof, by installing steel mosquito mesh. It’ll prevent other insects as well from coming into your house.


To protect your family and yourself from mosquitoes, quickly contact a nearby licensed company for pest control services near me. In fact, today, companies are charging you reasonably for every service they provide and the cost of pest inspection is also usually low. So, if you are worried about pest control prices, then you can be assured regarding this aspect. Moreover, pest exterminators use the latest equipment and technology in detecting the presence of pests across your place. Also, experts ensure to use of eco-friendly pest control solutions for a better environment post-pest control.

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